Tippecanoe Hard Cider

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The Process of Designing Tippecanoe Hard Cider

This design was much easier than the Van Buren one. Maybe that’s because Old Tip was “One of Us” instead of being an elitist like Matty. Now that I’ve established a style I can reuse  many of those elements. You would think that I would have a hard time finding information about William Henry Harrison since he died shortly after he entered office. I already knew Harrison’s campaign slogan, “Tippecanoe and Tyler too.” This helped me come up with a name for this beverage. I decided to go with a hard cider because I read that he was promoted as the “Log cabin and hard cider” candidate–He’d rather sit in his log cabin and sip hard cider than run for president. That’s why I named this beverage Tippecanoe Hard Cider. Harrison has also been in the media more recently than Van Buren. There was a good episode of Parks and Recreation that focused on our ninth president.

I found a lot of good information about Harrison from this website. I came up with the tagline at the top of the can because I saw that Harrison was frequently called “Old Tip”. I had no idea that the phrases “get the ball rolling” and “booze” began with Harrison. Park and Rec mentioned the giant ball that the Harrison campaign used. “One group of Whig party members pushed a ten foot, paper and tin ball emblazoned with pro-Harrison slogans for hundreds of miles. Others handed out whiskey in log cabin-shaped bottles supplied by the E.C. Booz distillery.” There was also a verse from a campaign song that I would probably use on another side of the can:

Old Tip he wears a homespun coat
He has no ruffled shirt-wirt-wirt
But Mat has the golden plate
And he’s a squirt-wirt-wirt.



Tippecanoe Hard Cider