I was supposed to do a status update after the second phase of my exercises. I was too busy. I’m actually into the third phase of my exercises. I have not been as dedicated to my workouts as I was during the summer break. I have been back at school now for three weeks. I have not been able to figure out a new schedule that allows for consistent exercise. I have also allowed myself to make more excuses after a long day at work.

This video shows me slam dunking on a nine foot goal with a mini ball. I tried and failed several times to dunk with a regulation size ball before I attempted to use a mini ball. I noticed that I am able to slam dunk much more often when I jump off of both feet instead of trying to use one. I decided to try to slam dunk with the regulation ball after I came to this realization, but my hand was too tired and I could no longer palm the ball.

I’m not sure that the exercise program that I chose will get me to my desired results in the time frame that I set. My current work out lasts an hour. I would like to try a shorter work out over more days. My brother-in-law recently started contract work with Sworkit. I may try to use their 30 minute plyometric workout.  I also need to continue to focus on strengthening my hands so I may palm the ball better.