Product and Promise

By March 6, 2020Branding, Craft Brewing

I recently joined Instagram to share my daily sketches. I thought that this would be a great idea to keep me honest. I’ve been drawing daily sketches for over 4 years now and I know throughout that first four years it was pretty difficult. I would hit a wall and I would lose my focus. So Instagram was a way to maintain that.

I’ve started following my favorite breweries. The majority of what they have on their account is promotions. Promotions for the new release, the new small batch, for trivia night, for local acts that are coming, and for food trucks. It’s all promotions.

Craft breweries need to focus more on their brands. The promise. Why did you get into the the beer business? What makes you unique from the other local breweries?

The marketplace is getting cluttered. Craft breweries are opening up next door to each other. It can’t be just the selection of beers. Many breweries in town do similar things. They’re focused on fruit forward sours, hazy IPAs, and stouts. That’s not different enough. What is the end result that you’re promising to bring to your customer? It can’t just be good beer. There is a lot of good beer out there.

When you think about major brands they’re not just about the products that they sell. Nike is not just shoes and clothing. Apple is not just computers and watches. Both Nike and Apple promise to be different. They’re for rebels.

Keep the promotions. Folks don’t want to miss out on the small batches or the limited release beers. But you have to start focusing on your promise. What you are promising to do to change the lives of your customers. What makes you different? What is the only thing that you can do that no other breweries can do?