I resolved the conflict between message and footage when I edited this 30 second video.


The footage that videographer Kyle Roberts shot for this commercial made the manufactured homes our client was selling look like homes from HGTV. The script that I was supplied used a hard sell cliché message that emphasized price. The script was also too long to allow for a twenty three second voice over. We had to have a voice over and a five second on-screen stand-up from the general manager.


Determine how to keep the original intent of the script while converting it to more of a soft sell and limiting it no more than seventy words.  Consult with the videographer and one of our producer to make sure that the script matches the quality of the footage. Receive approval on the rewritten script. Hire a voice over artist to record the new script. Select music that has a positive high end luxury feel. Determine how to present graphical material in a way that highlights the message while keeping a high production value.

Research & Analysis

Align Message

Post Production

Hire VO artist
Select Music
Graphic Layout
Motion Tracking


I was able to rewrite the script to maintain the original ideas, but have them be presented in more of a soft sell approach. I was able to utilize a thin typeface and make the graphics appear as part of the footage. I also used a subtle curve to the lower third to give the spot a more elegant feel. These decisions highlighted the footage and gave the spot a more national feel.


The final spot exceeded our client’s expectations.

That’s the best spot I’ve ever seen for a Timberline store, and it looks like national quality. Like something Clayton would do.

John GriffinGeneral Manager, Timberline Homes


Brandy Musick Account Executive, Spectrum Reach