I designed a video that promoted the festival by highlighting the city of Fairhope’s beauty.

F’s standing in front of the FEEF mural on Church Street in Fairhope, AL. Photo by Jared Budlong


The president of the Fairhope Film Festival asked me to lead a team that would create a promo for the festival. We had the opportunity to work with the John Lennon Bus for one day to shoot and edit a rough cut of our promo. We had four other production volunteers and three volunteers for talent. Our budget was limited.


Identify the different approaches that could be used to promote the Film Festival. Consult with heads of the festival to identify their needs. Work with team and key stakeholders to create the message that would work with our limited time with the John Lennon Bus.

Research & Analysis

Identify Goals
Identify Promo References

Mock Up

Shooting Schedule


Create three F costumes
Record footage

Post Production


I created a list of promos of other film festivals. I sent this list to folks from the festival and to Stephen Savage and Wendell Kimbrough. After viewing these examples, we decided to use a promo from the Bicycle Film Festival as our guide.

I identified elements from Hard Day’s Night, The Royal Tenenbaums, Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd that could be used in our promo. I used these ideas to create an outline.
I shared this outline with my team and key stakeholders. Then I created a storyboard..


I spent a good deal of time working on preproduction documents. These documents really streamlined production and post production allowing us to produce a high quality promo in a short period of time. The folks at the Fairhope Film Festival were pleased with the results.