The Project

I’ve been really interested in designing beer cans for a while. I’m a fan of craft beer. I love trying new beers and I often choose beers based on the design. I’ve been thinking about creating some beers based on US Presidents. For my first design I decided to use Martin Van Buren. I named his beer OK Ale.


OK Ale

I went to the Library of Congress website to find images of President Van Buren. I have a pretty good knowledge of presidential history. I knew that Van Buren’s nicknames were “The Little Magician”, “The Sly Fox” and “Old Kinderhook”. I briefly conducted additional research and noticed that most of the links about Van Buren focused on how he helped to popularize the word “Ok”.  Then I decided to make his beer an ale because it’s a pretty standard beer style. There’s nothing super flashy about it. I couldn’t think of any beers styles that might scream “Abolitionist who was opposed to the annexation of Texas!” After all, that’s how he fell out of favor with Jackson and lost the democratic party nomination to Polk.

Next, I realized that I needed a logo for the brewing company.  I decided to use the presidential seal as a reference but use beer elements to create the eagle. I  searched pinterest for beer logos.

OK Ale

Old Kinderhook is O.K.