Nick Saban Snow Flakes

By December 22, 2017Design, Fun

From Darth Vader to Nick Saban



I came across a link for a website featuring star wars snow flake templates
I had some issues with the small details featured in this template. It was a mistake to cut out the larger shape first and then moving to the finer details. This made the paper more fragile. What other snow flakes could be made from this template?


I decided to use the template to create a Nick Saban snow flake.

Creating the template

I found a picture of Nick Saban where he was looking directly at the camera. The picture needed to be iconic: folks should recognize Saban immediately. Illustrator would be the perfect tool to create this template. The live trace tool allowed me to draw out only the most essential facial features. Then I used the pen tool to manipulate the shapes so that his face would look symmetrical. His eyebrows were problematic. They were furrowed in the picture and I had to alter them in illustrator so that he didn’t look like a caveman .
Download my template here.