It’s Time to Specialize

By March 10, 2020Branding, Craft Brewing

I’ve been reading books about branding and design lately. Many of these books stress the importance of specializing. How can you become an expert if you have such a broad focus? If you focus on a narrow category it is easier to become an expert.

Breweries should specialize. Don’t chase after trends. Seltzers, ciders and N/A beers are becoming popular. Resist the urge to jump into these categories. Focus instead on becoming the best on a narrow category. I recently read an article from about Allagash. Allagash Brewing is not following the latest craft beer trends. It is winning awards. This article talks about how Rob Tod focuses on making Belgian style beer instead of cashing out on making Hazy IPAs. The results – a James Beard Award.

This specialization helps you stand out in crowed market. Many other brewers are experimenting in all sorts of categories. Dipping their toes in distilling, wine making and creating ciders. Make sure that this fits in with your brand before you expand your offerings.