How can your brewery design for peak experiences?

By April 23, 2020Branding, Craft Brewing

You can design a peak experience if you focus on a specific audience instead of trying to appeal to everyone. This makes sure you thrill a group of folks instead of being merely acceptable to a large group.

​I enjoy drinking new IPA and Stout beers that are released from my favorite brewery. That’s my peak experience. The brewery could keep track of what beers that I buy frequently. They could also implement a system for customers to rate their beers. I could be notified electronically when these new beers are rereleased. I could also receive another electronic notification when the supply of my favorite beers are running low. They could send me videos of the brewing process and videos of the canning process. This would notify me that the beer is coming soon and it would build up anticipation.

The brewery could also keep track of flavor profiles.  They could recommend this new beer​ when it matches the flavor profiles of a beer that I previously enjoyed.  They could also supply information about how they came up with the beer name or the idea for the beer. 

These extra communications would enhance my peak experience. I believe this would also increase beer sales.