Emotional Design

By March 16, 2020Branding, Craft Brewing, Design

According to Dorn Norman there a three levels of Design Appeal: Visceral, Behavioral and Reflective. Visceral and Behavioral both occur unconsciously. The behavioral level affects both the visceral and reflective level.

The Visceral level focuses on our senses and how we unconsciously immediately perceive a product. In craft beer we might choose a beer at a bar based on it’s name or tap handle. We might choose a beer off the shelf of the grocery store that’s in a unique bottle or has a vibrant illustration printed on a high quality label. The visceral level also deals with touch, smell, hearing and taste. Though smell and taste might not be immediately come into play with craft beer. I guess we might be have a negative experience if we walk into a tap room and the brewing equipment is not separate from the taps causing an unpleasant smell.

The behavioral level relates to our experience using the product. Can we determine how to get the beer out of its packaging? Usually we can, but I have had difficulty on multiple occasions removing a wax seal from a bomber. It looks special and I have heard that it helps preserve the beer. However, if it is too difficult to open I have a negative emotional experience with the product. Was the beer any good? Did the beer cause an allergic reaction?

The Reflective level focuses on how we relate with the product. What does this product do for us? How do we think we will use it? In what setting? What does this product say about me? This is where branding comes in.