Appropriate but Generic

By March 5, 2020Branding, Craft Brewing

I worked at a production house during college. We were looking to rebrand and we settled on the name The Production House. Some folks were so excited about the name “because it says what we are”. It was appropriate. The problem with this name is that it is too generic. It’s not memorable. What differentiates this production house from others? It reminds me of the beer that you see folks drink on TV. You know, the cans that just say beer. Very generic.

I wonder if breweries that use location names might be appropriate but too generic. If you name your brewery after a town, how do folks refer to the brewery? Do they have to say Town name Brewing Co so that folks know what they are talking about? What if the brewery is named after a region? I live near Oak Mountain. There is an Oak Mountain Brewing Company opening soon. This is a long name. Also, there are a decent amount of other businesses in the area that use this as part of their names. Will folks refer to it as an acronym? Acronyms can be problematic because they can cause confusion. What does OMBC stand for again? It doesn’t provide much differentiation. Are there other local businesses with a similar acronym nearby?

Appealing to beer drinkers in a specific location is a great idea. Braided River Brewing Company chose a name that it is appropriate, but not generic. Their name refers to the five rivers that come together in the Mobile -Tensaw River Delta.