Can you apply Inertial Bounce to Individual Characters?

Inertial Bounce added to Individual Character using the Expression Selector

Step 1: Add Inertial Bounce Text.ffx to you user presets folder.

(Windows) My Documents > Adobe > After Effects CC > User Presets 

(Mac OS)  Documents > Adobe > After Effects CC  > User Presets

Step 2: Add preset to text

Gif showing how to apply the preset.

Step 3: Change the Expression Selector Amount keyframes to alter the timing.

Screenshot of what the controls look like in After Effects.

Tip 1: You can change the sliders to alter the amount of inertial bounce. Low frequency + High Decay = Subtle bounce.  I like Frequency .8 and Decay 8. I usually don’t alter the amplitude.

Gif displaying the slider controls being adjusted

Tip 2: Individual character and Words. 

Individual characters with inertial bounce. Followed by words being animated with inertial bounce.

I’ve noticed the preset acting wonky with multiple lines of text.

Adobe’s Type Tool is pretty robust. You can use it to create other animation.

Dive Deeper with these Youtube videos from Workbench

Tutorial 34: Expression Selector Intro

Tutorial 35: Expression Selector Part 2

Tutorial 36: Expression Selector Part 3

The school of motion also has a cool video:

Chad Barnhardt, Kernel Producer for Lincoln, NE, suggested Ease & Whizz as an alternative idea for Inertial Bounce.

Peio Pualoa, Kernel Producer from Honolulu,  HI, mentioned Animation Composer for similar results.

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